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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  

Here are some questions we are often asked. (These questions are from our former Farmington Hills location. As we receive more questions from our clients, they will be added and updated.)

Q: Who will perform my massage?

A: We currently have female and male massage therapists on our team - We are an ABMP facility. Our staff is certified through the state of Michigan.

Q: Do you massage men and women?

A: Yes, absolutely, both!

Q: What should I do during the massage? Should I talk to the therapist?

A: Make yourself comfortable! Talking is completely up to you - some clients enjoy some conversation while others prefer to have relaxing silence - this is your time to relax and enjoy the experience. You are the client, so your therapist will take their cue from you. (If they don't, tell them what you prefer!)

Q: What hours are you open?

A: Our normal business hours are 10am - 9pm Monday - Friday. Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm. (Subject to change.)

Q: How many massage rooms do you have?

A: Our new facility has 5 massage rooms, plus his and hers showers!

Q: Who can I book my appointment with?

A: We can't answer that here, but feel free to call the front desk any time to

ask! See pictures of our staff and massage rooms for more information about our facility.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: You may always call the receptionist to make an appointment. (See Contact Us for phone number.) Please try to make your request at least 24 hours in advance so we can accommodate you. You may also request an appointment via email by submitting the form on the same page.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: Yes, walk-ins are welcome! However, we suggest you call first (if possible) to make sure a therapist is available.

Q: What should I wear for the massage?

A: You will be asked to remove all jewelry and clothing to your level of comfort. Your therapist will leave the room for your privacy. After you undress lay face down on the table under the top sheet. Your therapist will ensure you are properly draped during your session.

Q: Speaking of draping, is it required or optional?

A: At PPMT, we use towels for draping, which facilitates the long full-body strokes that are part of Swedish massage. Massage therapists are required to cover/drape you, so they expose only the area which they are working on. You may need to undress for therapy, however, you do not need to expose yourself in any way that you are uncomfortable. Your massage therapist will give you privacy to undress and you will be covered at all times except for the area being worked on.

Q: How will a massage feel?

A: It usually depends on the techniques used. Many massage therapists use a form of Swedish massage, which is often a baseline for practitioners. In a general Swedish massage, your session may start with broad, flowing strokes (effleurage) that will help calm your nervous system and relax exterior muscle tension. As your body becomes relaxed, pressure will gradually be increased to relax specific areas and relieve areas of muscular tension. Often, a light oil or lotion is used to allow your muscles to be massaged without causing excessive friction to the skin. Do not hesitate to ask questions or mention if you feel any discomfort, so the massage therapist can use another approach or technique.

Q: What areas are massaged in a full body massage?

A: Feel free to communicate to your therapist about any areas you do not want massaged, or any areas you want extra focus. (Genitals and women's breasts are not massaged and will remain covered at all times.)

Q: What types of massage do you do?

A: We do professional, therapeutic massage. We do not do anything erotic.